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I’m a freelance designer and photographer and I love what I do.

In my fine art photography, I look for beauty and grit. Photography allows me to freeze a moment in time – a fleeting action or a quiet moment – and capture the emotion of that instant. I learned long ago to keep my camera within reach on every adventure; lightning can strike at any moment.

I was thrilled to be the 2019 Art of the Cowgirl Photography Fellowship recipient and had the opportunity to refine my skills and improve my craft while learning from master photographer, Constance Jaeggi.

As a designer, I bring my full set of skills and knowledge to each project. From illustrative logos and merchandise to clean corporate brochures and menus, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects with a diverse set of clients. I’ve worked solo on many successful projects, and in a team setting, I enjoy collaborating with other designers to create the final product.